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What is the best Stovetop Water Distiller?

Question by Samuel: What is the best Stovetop Water Distiller?
What is the very best stovetop water distiller for removing toxic flouride and aluminum salts and other chemicals from city water because munincipal water is toxic and deadly. Please tell me the very best stove top distiller because I want to buy the best stove top water still. Does anybody know which stove top distiller is the best and produces the most water in the shortest time? I am not interested in those electric water stills. What I want is one that works off the stove a "stove top distiller". Which one is the best?

Best answer:

Answer by ranunculusviridis
Life Saver Water Distiller Kit
Featured 27 June 2011 on The Dr. Prepper Show -- Preparedness Radio Network

The Life Saver Non-Electric Steam Water Distiller Kit will purify any and all types of contaminated water, ranging from sea water, polluted well water, river water, flood water, or even sewer water.

The Life Saver Non-Electric Distiller Kit uses a 10 foot length of 316L stainless steel tubing that is wound into a 6 loop condensing coil.

A pressure cooker is used as the boiling chamber, with High Temperature Food/Medical Grade Vinyl Tubing used to connect the pressure cooker to the condensing coil.

The Life Saver Distiller Kit is a Closed-System in which 100% of the steam vapor exiting the pressure cooker is condensed into Pure Distilled Water.

None of the steam vapor can escape into the atmosphere.

The steam distillation process leaves all the impurities behind in the contaminated water.

That is, only Pure Steam Vapor exits the pressure cooker, leaving all organic and inorganic pollutants, lead, other heavy metals and other contaminates behind, since they are not carried in the steam vapor.

Steam Water Distillation is the most reliable stand-alone method for removal of Arsenic from water.

The Non-Electric Life Saver Distiller Kit produces up to 1 ounce per minute of Pure Sterile Distilled Water – which is a faster rate of production than a conventional electric steam water distiller in which the heating coil is immersed in the water in the boiling tank.

The Life Saver Distiller Kit is capable of producing enough potable water each day for the drinking and cooking needs of a family of 3-4 people.

All that is needed is the Life Saver Distiller Kit, a Pressure Cooker, a Water Source and Heat, which can range from a propane stove to an open camp fire with a grate on which to place the pressure cooker.

In addition to the use of the pressure cooker as the boiling chamber, the pressure cooker can be used in its conventional role for cooking bulk food in a reduced amount of time, with minimum expenditure of fuel.

An additional feature of the Life Saver Distiller Kit is that the system is inherently self-sterilizing to eliminate airborne bacteria or other micro-organisms that may have entered the condensing coil between uses.

The condensing coil is self-sterilized by allowing the steam vapor to pass through the coil for 15 to 20 minutes – with the product water thrown away and not consumed.

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